Sustainable Development Games - Mexico 2023

Our kids’ school, Montessori Cozumel, was the host school of the Sustainable Development Games - Mexico in October 2023.

We welcomed for a week in Cozumel, 80 students from the Netherlands, USA, Colombia, Bulgaria, China and Chihuahua.

Our guests got to experience all the wonders Cozumel has to offer: from swimming with stingrays at El Cielo to releasing baby turtles on the east side of the island, to planting mangroves in Punta Sur park.

They participated to the island’s Dia de los Muertos festivities and enjoyed the local culture and cuisine at Pueblo de Mais.

Lots of outdoor activities, dancing and shared happiness!

We really wanted everyone to love Cozumel as much as we do and the one-week program was a great success!

Everyone left the island with a bit of Cozumel in their hearts, here a small video of what you can also enjoy on our island:

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