“Give Back to Cozumel” is a nonprofit-humanitarian organization founded by Isabella Telloli in 2009. Isabella, a Cozumel resident for over 10 years, and owner of Cozumel Seaside Retreats, felt the genuine urge to return to Cozumel’s people some of the support and love that she had received from the island and its kind people.

“Give Back to Cozumel” currently run by Isabella and her husband Matias, is focused in involving visitors and Cozumel’s residents in charitable deeds or donations to benefit the unprivileged families of the Cozumel’s community.

Through your support, “Give back to Cozumel” provides supplies and medicine to infants and children who belong to Cendi 2 and the DIF municipal center.

“Give Back to Cozumel” is currently setting up a program where foreigner teenagers visiting the island for summer vacations, can volunteer in the DIF and credit hours of community service on the island.

For more info on the upcoming GBTC projects, please contact us by email:

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